Birchbox Pop Up Store

Birchbox pop up store

Birchbox opened up a pop up store for the festive season in Carnaby Street in London and of course I had to pop inside and see what they had. As you walk in your greeted by lovely staffs, on the left hand side you have a selection of different brands products that you can buy and around the corner you have a create your own Birchbox for £15.

You had a leaflet that had the description of each of the products and how to use them, you had 5 sections to pick from and each section had 2 you could choice from. You had a choice from skincare, makeup and hair.

Birchbox pop up store

I decided to get products I hadn’t used before, which ended up being a majority of all the products there. Heres what I picked from each section.

  1. Makeup: Lorde & Berry Concealer stick in light. Very pigmented, creamy and easy to blend out.
  2. Makeup: Benefit Ready, Set, Brow! I had already own this before and loved how great it worked that I had to pick it again. Holds brows in place, a small amount goes a long way.
  3. Skincare & Body: Lumene Lahde Moisturiser Day Cream. Use every morning before makeup, hydrates the skin leaving it feeling refreshed.
  4. Skincare & Body: Sebamed Clear Face Care Gel. I am yet to give this a try, mainly because I missed placed it and I don’t exactly remember where its located.
  5. Hair: Umberto Giannini, No more messy break ups split ends cream. I picked this up because I was intrigued that it fixed split ends but due to the over powering fragrance in this cream I couldn’t use it, I reminded me of an older gent cologne, which I even had to ask my boyfriend to smell it because I thought it was just me and he agreed as well.

Birchbox pop up store

On the right side from the till you have a message tree where you can write a little something and they have an insta photo booth, which I think you can send to yourself by email as I’m not sure.

I feel like they need to open an actually store, it was cool to makeup own box with the products you wanted. Did you pop into Birchbox pop up store? What did you get?


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