Botanics Organic Collection

Botanics Organic Collection

While looking around for some new skincare products I saw a few bloggers talking about Botanics that I need to check them out for myself. When doing my research I came to find that they had 5 ranges of skincare, all from organic, hydrating to Mature skin, great for anyone who’s looking for specif range.

When looking around I was intrigued to trying the Organic range as I never tried anything organic before and I been meaning to.

Botanics Organic Collection Botanics Organic Collection

The first product I got was the Day Cream 81% Organic, hydrating cream and leaves skin feeling smooth. A small amount does go a long way, I use this everyday before putting my makeup on and some times in my night routine when I don’t a night cream with me.

Botanics Organic Collection My favourite product has got to be this Hot Cloth Cleansing Balm. 97% organic. I use this everynight to remove my makeup, I massage the balm over face and neck, then running the cloth it came with in running warm water, I use to remove the balm face and neck, then use cold water to close pours.

I will say a small amount does go a long way as its more of an oil base, and its great for removing any treas of dirt and makeup that you had on all day.

Botanics Organic Collection Botanics Organic Collection

Lastly one that I was very intrigued on trying out was the Nourishing Facial Oil 100% organic, leaves the skin feeling radiant and smooth as well as evening skin tones. I been using this when my skin has been needing an extra boost when its feeling dry and dull.

I must admit that first time drying the day cream and oil the smell was a bit intense but soon you get pretty used to it. I’m already planning on getting a few more of their products still got, I already got an idea of which ones to get so you will have to wait for a new post on them.

Have you tried any of the Botanics products? or Any organic products that you come across and like?


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