Dermacol Makeup Cover

Dermacol Makeup Cover

Hello Lovelies… For a while now I’ve been seeing a lot of people doing youtube videos reviewing Dermacol Makeup Cover Foundation. Apparently it used in film production, for makeup or even covering tattoos actors have. I been wanting to gives this a try just to see if it lives up to the expatiation everyone has about this product.

Dermacol Makeup Cover

Picking out the right shade online is very hard because you don’t know weather you’ll get the right match or something completely different. I went on Amazon and purchased the shade 218 which is a yellow olive shade, I got very lucky that it matched my skin tone. I believe it was around £12 but you can get it for a lot cheaper on Ebay.

First try trying Dermacol Makeup Cover:

I used a lot more than what I was suppose to which meant product that was left went to waist. A small amount goes a long way with this product because its very pigmented and thickness. Because I put quiet a lot it felt very thick and sticky but it covered every imperfection I had on the skin.

Full Review:

Honestly this product does wonders. Even though its full courage you expect to be cakey specially for the price you paying for but its the total opposite, It is more on the oil side than matte.A small amount goes a long way, which is great as it’ll last a lot longer.

Completely covers any scars, spots or any discolour you have on the skin this will cover it all giving you a blank canvas look.

The only thing I don’t like about it is that the foundation rubs off quickly around the nose if your a glasses wearer like myself and you’ll find yourself having to top every hour but not so much when you don’t wear glasses. Sadly it doesn’t last the entire day if you don’t set it with powder.

If your looking for a full courage foundation or a concealer that covers any imperfection then this is the foundation for you specially as its affordable, I will suggest buying 2 shades incase you’re not 100% sure on the colours.

Have you tried this foundation before? If so whats your thoughts on it?


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