In Love with the Koko

Last month I shared my Kylie Jenner liquid lip kit collection so it was only right I shared my most recent purchased, the new Koko collection. I wasn’t too kin on the first collaboration mainly because the shade where more for the winter seasons and I wanted something that I could wear in Summer as my lipstick collection is pretty much for Autumn/Winter.

The Koko Kollection contains 3 matte liquid lipsticks and 1 gloss: Bunny is a cool midtown mauve, Baby Girl is a warm pink coral, Doll a bright tangerine and Sugar Plum is a soft shimmery nude gloss. I tried all the shades in 4 days to give them all a fair try and get an idea of which ones worked great with my skin tone and which colours I preferred.


First day I had a long shift at work and I thought it would be perfect to try Bunny, I haven’t worn this type of colour on my lips before so I was very nerves to what it would look like on and if it would complemented my skin tone. At the beginning I loved the colour but once I was work and half way through my shift I realised that the colour washed me out, I looked like I was sick. In my opinion it doesn’t suit my Olive skin, it doesn’t mean I won’t be using it again because I will I think I just need to blend it with another warm colour.

Baby Girl:

This has to be my current favourite pink coral lipstick. I wore it on the second day of work and got so many compliments at work from colleagues and customers and I wore it on my first day on holiday in Croatia. Its not so bright which is great if your not too kin in bright colours this shade will be perfect.


I must admit doll has to be my favourite colour in general which is also a main reason I got this kit was because of this colour. The bright tangerine is perfect summer lipstick. I did wear this colour at work and felt a bit strange wearing something so bright at work on my lips because you know everyone is going to be staring at you and I must admit when you eat something wearing this shade your lipstick will rub off in the centre meaning you have to top up through the day as its noticeable.

Sugar Plum:

Honestly I’m not so kin in glosses, I haven’t worn a lip gloss since my early teens (a decade ago) so when I got this shade I gave it a try but not a great amount of a fair try mainly because I just don’t like the sticky feeling a gloss gives you which this does but I like that it doesn’t feel heavy and you can either wear it on its on or on top of any lipstick specially on this matte shades it’ll go perfect if you don’t like that matte feel.

I will be going on holiday next month and I will be doing makeup looks while I’m away with using this collection so make sure to keep an eye on my Instagram where I will be posting the pictures on there before they go on here.

Have you tried this kit or any of Kylie Jenner products, what are your thoughts?



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