Kylie Jenner LipKit Collection

Over a year ago I decided to get on the ‘hype’ with Kylie cosmetics, when she first launched her first collection I did try and get my hands on them but they sold out within minutes. I did managed to purchase a few a couple months after her first launch which I was quiet glad they didn’t sold within minutes again I had time to do a purchase and a second one right after.
The first LipKit I purchased was Candy K, it was the only shade I really wanted to get and as soon as it was in my basket I didn’t want to risk it and just purchased it straight away, after purchasing I had another brows on the website and say that they had a few shades still in stop and I thought I would give them a try as well, I decided to get Posie K and 22. As I had purchased Candy K first it was quick process, was shipped within 3 days and arrived within that same week of purchase as for Posie K and 22 took longer to ship, I would say it was around almost 2 weeks for it to be ship, I did have to pay a custom fee which was the reason for taking a little longer.
A couple of months late I decided to get my hands on more kits, I decided to go for the full LipKit in the shades Koko K and Kourt K and then decided to get just the single kit (without the lipliner) Mary Jo K and stock up on Candy K, again I did have to pay for customs fees.
I honestly can’t fault any on the liquid lipsticks. They are full coverage with only just one coat. Lasts all day, unless you eat which you may have to do a bit of touch up if you eat greasy food and buy saying that it doesn’t transfer unless you do eat greasy food of course. The Lipliners are really comfortable and soft and great coverage. If you want your lipstick to last longer I suggest filling in your whole lip with the lipliner then going over it with the liquid lipstick.
In the last picture you can see the difference on the LipKit box, she has done a few changes from her first patch to a few months later. The liquid lipsticks brush has been changed, its more fluffier and not has rough as the first one which is more comforting on your lips.
They are a bit pricey for LipKits and if you are planning on purchasing anything and your outside the US I suggest maybe purchasing a few things at once and be aware you will be charged for customs fees, I know with 1 LipKit you don’t get charged for fees but for more than 2 you will do.
Have you tried the Kylie LipKit? If so what are your thoughts?

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