Lip kit Collection | KJ Lip Kit

Back in April I purchased my very first Kylie Jenner lip kits and ever since I’ve been hooked on to wanting to purchase more and thats what I just recently did.
When she first launched her brand of cosmetics I did try to get my hands on the lip kits but there where sold out within minutes of launching, so I decided to wait on buying any. In April I got my hands on the lip kits, I got Candy K in my first payment then as I was browsing the website I saw that Posie K and 22 was still in stock I thought why not purchase them as well, Candy K shipped within 3days and arrived within that week but Posie K and 22 took longer to ship and I had to pay customs fee before it would get delivered. Recently I’ve purchase another lot of lip kits, Koko K and Kourt K and I decided to get Candy K and Mary Jo K singles to my collection, it did take quiet some time to get shipped and delivered but I had to pay over £20 for the customs fees.

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