Long Travels | Madeira

It feels like it was a dream that I went on holiday last week, I had to go to Madeira for some business you could say and at the same time to kind of get a small gateway from London.
As we was going for a short trip we decided on keeping it a secret from everyone so we could surprise boyfriends parents who live out there, the only people who knew that we was going from the moment we booked tickets where my parents and boyfriends cousin who was picking him up at the airport do help with the surprise, and some people ended up knowing a day before we flew out, I quiet liked the idea of no one knowing anything that we was going away meant no one could ask us to take stuff for them to give to family, which is you are like me come from a venezuelan or portuguese family you’ll understand when family keep ask you to take things for others and it can get quiet annoying so I quiet liked the fact that we only took things for people who we was going to see and who helped us or the family out and I loved it.
On saturday 13th taxi picked us up at half 5 in the morning which thinking about it now we could of booked it for half 6 as boyfriend didnt have any suitcases to check in it was just him needed to be on time for departure as he flights departure at 9:45am (I think) so we was quiet early once he was in I had to go to South terminal and wait for my flight at 2:45pm which meant I had over 6 hours before my flight and it was a killer, never doing that again, luckily I had a cousin and her husband going on the same flight as me so I wasn’t alone for 2hours before we flew out. 
The flight to Madeira was alright, I was in between to men, one was a portuguese man who wouldnt not stop speaking to me even when I had headphones in and when I’m on a middle seat on a flight I never feel well so he didnt make my journey that all great, I still remember when we was taking off I was falling asleep with my earphones in and the man ended up waking me up just to show me a picture of a baby in a magazine, I still don’t understand why! Once we landed to Madeira the heat was crazy, was so humid that I regretted wearing jeans, boyfriend picked me up from the airport and we went around Santa Cruz for a small drive then headed near the airport to have some burgers as i was so hungry, we then headed to Porto Cruz to see the boyfriends family and pretty much chill since it was already getting late and we had hardly any sleep.
Long Travels | Madeira Long Travels | Madeira

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