Sleek Advent Calendar

Sleek Advent Calendar

Over the Christmas period I was turn between getting a chocolate calendar or a beauty calendar which I never had before and of course I picked the beauty calendar as you can have chocolate any time in the year.

I’ve been watching Youtuber Eltoria opening many advent calendars which helped decide on which one to get. I am a big fan of Sleek cosmetics, I have a lot of eyeshadow palettes which I keep buying and not using it much and ive recently been obsessing over their VIP lipsticks that it was only right for me to get their Advent calendar.

Sleek Advent Calendar

The calendar was £35 and has 25 days with full size products inside. Which if you think about you are getting the products for £1.40 each in this calendar and I honestly think it’s worth the money spending on it.

How they described the calendar “A gift a day keeps the basic away! Get prepped for party season with a Sleek treat every morning, featuring loads of bestsellers and a few exclusive surprises, you’ll be crushin’ on it for sure!!”

Instead of doing a ‘whats in each day’ I decided to put it all in its colour coordinated and choosing my favourite products from the advent calendar at the very end.

Heres whats inside the Sleek Advent Calendar:

Sleek Advent Calendar

Time to Sparkle:

In the calendar you get 3 eyeshadow palettes, in the picture it does look like normal size eyeshadow palette but in person they are much smaller than their original eyeshadow palettes which I wish they had their original size eyeshadow palette. For example they are just a slight bit bigger than their blushes. I do wish they had a bigger palette but it still works great as a travel size palette.

The Eyeshadow Palettes: All Night Long, Storm and A New Day. The Brushes: Eyeshadow flat brush and an Angled brush.

Sleek Advent CalendarSleek Advent Calendar

A touch of Red:

If your looking for the perfect bold red look then this shades are just what you’re looking for. Very pigmented, you won’t need to apply so many layers on lipstick to get that full coverage because the pigment is incredible as you can tell from the above photo and what is all so great for Day 25 you get a full size VIP Lipstick which is perfect.

VIP Lipstick in Walk of Fame, such a gorgeous bold red which is perfect for Christmas Day. Nail Polish and Matte Me lipstick in the shade Rioja Red. Lipliner in Sugared Apple

Sleek Advent CalendarSleek Advent Calendar

The Nudes:

I quiet liked that in this advent calendar they had a mix of light and dark nudes for everyone. I’m not too into the light nudes but I liked that lighter shade didn’t wash me out like most light nudes do. You can use Raspberry to line your lips and blend Shabby Chic in the centre to give an ombre nude look which also works great.

Blush in Rose Gold. Lipliner in Shabby Chic and Rasberry. Nail polish and Matte Me Lipstick in the shade Birthday Suits and Velvet Slippers

Sleek Advent Calendar Sleek Advent Calendar

Vamp it Up:

Out of all the shades this dark Burgundy shade is by far my favourite for late Autumn and Winter, again the lip products are all very pigmented which is great for when your going for a dark lip you need it to be pigmented. Nail Polish and Matte Me Lipstick in the shade Old Hollywood

Lipliner in the shade Currant

Sleek Advent Calendar

Eyes on you:

Out of everything in the box the eye products were my least favourite, that doesn’t mean that the products where bad because they where actually great and pigmented just don’t do much with my eyes other than the boring liquid eyeliner and mascara thats pretty much it, that I just didn’t get a chance to play with I was much interested in the lipsticks.

Eye pencils in the shade Aubergine, Royal and Midnight. Liquid eyeliner in the shade Gold Glitter and Black. Mascara in Black. After editing all the image I realised that I didn’t include the eye pencil in Aubergine in the photo, so ive linked the actual colour which you can have a look for yourself. –link here

I was surprise by how long the nail polishes lasted. It drys matte but weirdly don’t know if it was just me but it turned glossy after a few minutes without adding a topcoat. I found that it lasted for over a week without putting a top coat over the top of the polish.

My favourite products from the Sleek Advent Calendar are, the VIP Lipstick in Walk of Fame and the Matte Me lipstick in Old Hollywood. I feel like doing a Beauty advent calendars series in December a selection of my favourites.

If you tried any other Beauty Advent Calendars I would like to know which ones where your favourite so I could keep and eye on it for December.


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