Time to work hard

If you had told me a year ago today that I will be having a second job I would of laughed so hard because I would never see myself doing such a thing, this year I wanted to get a job that paid my rent and still gave me enough money to survive each month with and I wanted to actually just work hard for a few months and save money which I really need to start doing.


I wanted to either find a full time better paid job or a second job depending on what I was offered/applying. I only started thinking about finding something else last week and only handed out my cv on Friday and I managed to get the job by the end of Friday after interview which wasn’t expected.


I am lucky enough that the job I got offered is a great opportunity, Monday to Friday morning shifts which means I get evenings off and weekends, the perfect job! I decided to keep the current job as well for extra money each month to help saving up which I will be doing for as long as I can.

I’m excited to what this new adventure and experience will be like, I’m sure I will be tired but it will all be worth it. If you have a second job I would like to hear how you balance both and what are your tips?


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