What’s in my everyday bag

I always change my bags depending on my mood or what I am doing that specific day. I can either wear a backpack, hand bag or a shoulder bag but most of the time I am just wearing a small shoulder bag because I hate carrying things that I don’t need in a bigger bag.

I recently bought my very first leather bag, a Kipling Earthbeat shoulder bag in the colour Macaron Blue. Its such a gorgeous colour and so light compare to most heavy leather bags.

Normally when I carry a small bag I just put a lip balm, liquid lipstick by Kylie Jenner, my keys with a fluffy keyring, hand cream, tampon and pad and my pouch from Kipling as well. I do some time take my body mist from Ted Baker but I missed placed it so I couldn’t photograph it for this post.

Even though its a small bag you still got so many compartments, on the back of the bag there is a small pocket where I usually put my Oyster card and my keys, then you got a long pocket that goes all the way to the bottom from the flap of the bag then inside the bag you have another zip pocket where I tend to keep my tampon and pads in, then you have a pocket where you can put your phone and pen in but I only put my lip balms in it.

What is your favourite bag to wear everyday?


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